BookMapper Version 2 released

One of the nagging dissatisfactions I had with version 1 of BookMapper was the way it approached the task of map creation. I was not happy that the approach required too much fore-planning on the part of the user on what his intended map should look like before it could be created.  As a result, the process of map creation was rather mentally demanding, which certainly was an unneeded obstacle for a tool that was already handicapped by being unconventional and trying to win converts to a new way of doing things. 

After version 1 was released in mid-2021, I embarked on the task of experimenting with different approaches to creating maps.  I have finally worked out on an approach that is far better, and this new approach has been incorporated in version 2 of BookMapper that has just been released.

In version 2, the map creation process has achieved what I feel is the right direction — map creation is now a bottom-up, prototyping activity where the user can progressively refine the map over time.  This is consistent with how humans work in any field of creative endeavour.  Creating maps now feel “light and experimental”, and this is how it should be.

Beyond revamping the map creation approach, version 2 also redesigned a few areas of BookMapper’s UI in order to smoothen the user experience.  

I would be most interested to receive suggestions on ways to improve BookMapper, so do reach out to me at to share your thoughts on how to make BookMapper better.

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